Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What you should know when buying patio furniture

When you decide to purchase patio furniture, you are committing to a considerable investment. Before making that investment, why not invest some time in researching the best style, quality and price range suitable to your situation. Here is a synopsis about what you should know when buying patio furniture.

Indoor furniture may be sat on, jumped on and eaten on, but outdoor patio furniture is exposed to the weather. Thunderstorms, gentle persistent rain and the like can put a strain on your outdoor pieces. It should be washable of course.

Shop where you can afford the goods. There are many reasonably priced sets in wicker, aluminum and plastic. Keep in mind that the lighter pieces may have to be taken in during a windstorm. Or, you might cover the heavier pieces to keep them clean for your next cookout.

Make a list of what you need. If you have kids, sturdy redwood picnic tables and larger side chairs may be a durable choice. Kids will spill and scratch. Expect it. Do not spend those warm summer days worrying about nicks and marks on your patio furniture.

Summer is meant to be fun. Enjoy hot dogs (kids spill ketchup), hamburgers (kids drop pickles) and soda or cool aid (kids spill both). In fact, you may have some guests at your picnics that are adults and spill their beer.

You will want a table with matching chairs and a colorful umbrella to shade you when the sun is hot. You may want a seating arrangement of couch, love seat and chair with coffee table and perhaps one end table. There are lovely but inexpensive sets in wicker, plastic and aluminum.

Plastic is easy to wash with a little detergent and rinse with the hose. Remember, the aluminum chairs may be inexpensive but they heat up in the sun and if you are wearing shorts when you sit on it, ouch! The wicker is lightweight and can blow over just as the plastic and aluminum can. Wrought iron and redwood or other wood is the sturdiest. It is long lasting and impervious to wind.

Don't forget the toddler set. There are small sized picnic tables and lawn chairs made just for them. Get them in bright primary colors to please the little ones. Older children always enjoy a glider sized for two.

Create a setting on your patio that follows a theme. Country English, Victorian or modern styles are all available. You can mix and match to some extent. If you try to integrate too many different styles and colors, it will look like a mish-mash that took no thought or planning on your part.

If you can afford it, wrought iron patio furniture is as solid and attractive as any available type. Often black with a fancy, slightly lacy look, it is sturdy enough to support that 300-pound uncle who joins you on the fourth of July.

Look over all that is available. Plan how many pieces you want. Make a list of the various possibilities. Go shopping and make your selections. If at all possible, wait for the patio furniture you want to go on sale. Everyone loves a bargain. The money you save can finance your next family cook out. Now go shopping and remember what you should know when buying patio furniture.

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