Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Such Thing As Teak Oil???

One of the biggest misperceptions about finishing new teak furniture is the use of teak oil. There is no such thing as teak oil plain and simple. Products sold as teak oil are simply cheaply made oils that will actually damage your furniture.

There are many postings and do it yourself websites that will tell you to use teak oil but Teak Master is here to tell you to never ever use teak oil. Take it from the teak refinishing experts in Southern California, we use the best products on the market when finishing new teak furniture or when performing teak restoration.

Teak Master is constantly striving to provide our clients with the best protection for their teak furniture. Over the course of 12 years, we have tried and tested many products for sealing new teak. We have found the best products available for keeping your furniture in the same showroom condition as purchased. If you have purchased new teak furniture or have existing furniture in need of teak refinishing give us a call. We are the foremost experts in California when it comes to all of you teak care needs.


It goes without saying that outdoor teak furniture has to endure far harsher conditions than indoor furniture. From cold temperatures in winter to sweltering heat in summer, teak outdoor furniture needs to be able to endure everything Mother Nature throws at it. When your teak furniture is outside unprotected, the natural oils in the wood will oxidize and turn a grayish black color and the grain will lift and could possibly develop mildew. It is our experience that people who purchase teak furniture prefer to keep their investment in the same showroom quality as purchased.

Teak Master we will care for your teak furniture from a true woodworking and finishing perspective, we use only the finest materials in the restoration and finishing of teak. You can ensure your furniture enjoys a long trouble free life. Please scroll down and enjoy a brief description of our finishing, restoration, and repair techniques.


If your teak furniture has been allowed to weather, damaged by pressure washing, or by cheap products sold as “teak oil”, it can be restored back to showroom quality. We start our process by sanding the furniture down to bare wood. All visible areas are sanded including in between slats. Sanding ensures all oxidation and dirt is removed while restoring a smooth texture back to the wood. The teak is then cleaned with a custom biodegradable cleaning and bleaching agent to remove any dust or pollution that may remain. An exclusive custom formulated teak sealer is then applied to the furniture. A clear coat protector is applied to table tops to help with food stains.

Need help with your Teak Furniture call a professional at 888.448.Teak and ask for Tim the Teak Master