Saturday, August 20, 2011

Teak Restoration Los Angeles

Teak restoration in Los Angeles has been perfected by Teak Master!  We understand that maintaining your teak furniture may have slipped your mind.  If your teak furniture has weathered or turned grayish black in color, we can restore it back to new condition.  We have special coatings for clients that live in coastal cities of Los Angeles such as Redondo Beach and Santa Monica.  We can also recommend the best protective finishes for clients that live in the sweltering sun of Encino and Beverly Hills.  Our teak restoration technique will restore the smooth texture and vibrant look back to your beautiful teak furniture.  We can also fix and remove previous coatings such as varnish and even fix pressure washing damage.

It is always best to hire a local company to perform your teak restoration in Los Angeles project.  We offer a low cost teak maintenance program that will keep your teak furniture looking great year round.  We are able to offer our clients with the best possible service by offering free pick up and delivery to all of Los Angeles or we can perform the teak restoration project at the convenience of your home.  There is only one local choice for teak restoration in Los Angeles, Teak Master.  Give us a call today to make your valuable teak furniture look new again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Teak Furniture Choices: Teak Furniture Manufacturers Are Starting To Have Custom Finishes

Teak furniture manufacturers are starting to have custom finishes these days. The finishes are lovely shades of stains and colors that coordinate with popular furniture styles. But before you jump to have that custom finish applied, take a look at the benefits you can get from keeping your teak unfinished. For many buyers, the environmental issues surrounding natural teak prompt them to learn how it is manufactured. And that has made all the difference in their choices.

Teak is a hardwood that is durable above and beyond other hardwoods. It actually can last for years outdoors, even though it is unfinished. The dense wood develops a silvery color over the years. It can be found in outdoor environments all over the world. Some teak furniture has held strong for over 100 years.

Teak grows in Southeast Asia. It is found naturally on dry, hilly areas. As its popularity increases, countries that grow and manufacture it have developed controls to protect it. Teak used for commercial purposes comes from teak tree farms instead of natural areas. Teak is a sustainable resource that governments are now striving to control so that it may be available for generations. Not much energy is required to manufacture teak, and it has become a focal point of many local social systems and economies.

When discarded furniture reaches landfills, the stains and colors used to finish it often taint the decaying process because these artificial products do not degrade naturally. But unfinished teak simply decays naturally, leaving nothing harmful in the earth. Many manufacturers embrace this quality and take pride in working with natural teak to create their excellent furniture.

During the manufacturing process, scraps of teak are always left over, but never wasted. They are often used to make other products, and as fuel to support the drying process for the teak wood. In this way teak leaves a nominal footprint on its own environment.

Teak trees actually take at least 40 years to mature for harvesting. Manufacturers wait for the older trees to be ready, and choose carefully. Once a tree is harvested, it must be drained before it can be dried. The water content in teak is very high, and it takes about two years of slow draining before it reaches optimal moisture levels for drying.

Drying must take place in a kiln. The teak may dry for months before it is ready to use. Once the moisture is gone, the teak will become very dense. The dry wood is not affected by weather or even termites. Each step of the process is watched carefully to ensure that no teak is lost to insufficient drying. Splitting or splintering teak means that it was not dried enough.

Strong joints are created with tongue and groove joinery. The assembly points are fastened with waterproof glue. Once the glue dries, the furniture piece is strong and built to last a lifetime.

Teak grows under governmental protection programs in controlled teak tree farms. Cultivation is carefully done, and the number of trees felled each year is often doubled or tripled with new trees to take their place. Governments are responsible to make certain that more teak is planted than is harvested. Their cultures and economies depend upon good management.

Teak is a superior wood. It certainly holds its own as natural, unfinished furniture, and it also takes on custom finishes with ease. Regardless of its finish, it remains durable for generations. Leaving it unfinished may be an ecological choice for some, and not a consideration for others. Consider its heritage, and you may decide for yourself.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beauty And Value Is Why Teak Furniture Is The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

Teak is certainly not a new wood. It has been used for making everything from furniture to boats over the years. Even pieces that were made years earlier can still look just like they did when they were originally made. This lasting quality is one of several reasons why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

Teak is classified as a hardwood; it is more popular today than ever, even though people have used it for centuries. Today it gives people status as to their success. The hardest would available is teak. This is a very important reason that it is loved by so many. No matter what climate it is exposed to, it can take it and end up just as good or even better than it already was. Snow, rain, ice, and fog, none of these have any negative effect on it.

Termites and other insects are no threat to this wood. Being insect resistant certainly adds to its charm. Natural oils help it to keep itself preserved for years. Although it starts out with a lovely honey color, if allowed to age naturally, it becomes a beautiful silver grey. Many people like this aged look so much that they will only buy aged pieces. The greying, in addition to being beautiful, makes the piece even more durable. Even though the aged wood is so beautiful, some people still want to retain the original color. When this is the case new and even aged wood can be treated or restored so so that it never loses its color.

Benches, sun loungers, tables, and Adirondack chairs are all popular pieces of furniture made of this wood. Even some shade umbrella holders use it because of its strength.

One of its most appealing characteristics besides it s strength is the maintenance required for its upkeep. Fortunately there is almost no maintenance at all; especially if you are one of those who like the aged look. Since it is left outside, dirt can appear, but gentle soap and water are all it takes to make it look great again. Since it is full of its own oils, oiling should not be done. Its own oils help it to keep its strength and resistance. Varnish is also not needed and in fact should not be used. Likewise, steel wool and pressure washing are not good for the wood. They can cause damage, If you simply must have that original hue, it is relatively simple to keep or get your furniture that color.

To keep the original hue, teak sealers can be purchased. If you do not want to use soap and water for cleaning, there are teak cleaners as well. However, these cleaners are not really necessary. If the furniture has already aged to its silver grey, one can get it back to the original. Sand paper with extremely fine grain can be used. Just be careful and do not over do the job or you might cause damage. After preparing with sand paper all that is needed is to clean and seal.

Teak will last for almost endless years. Its durability and resistance to weather and insects make it extremely popular. It does cost a little more than other woods, but the quality is probably worth the extra price. A piece bought today can be enjoyed by many generations yet to come.

There are many reasons teak has been and remains so popular even today. Durability, resistance, beauty all contribute to why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What you should know when buying patio furniture

When you decide to purchase patio furniture, you are committing to a considerable investment. Before making that investment, why not invest some time in researching the best style, quality and price range suitable to your situation. Here is a synopsis about what you should know when buying patio furniture.

Indoor furniture may be sat on, jumped on and eaten on, but outdoor patio furniture is exposed to the weather. Thunderstorms, gentle persistent rain and the like can put a strain on your outdoor pieces. It should be washable of course.

Shop where you can afford the goods. There are many reasonably priced sets in wicker, aluminum and plastic. Keep in mind that the lighter pieces may have to be taken in during a windstorm. Or, you might cover the heavier pieces to keep them clean for your next cookout.

Make a list of what you need. If you have kids, sturdy redwood picnic tables and larger side chairs may be a durable choice. Kids will spill and scratch. Expect it. Do not spend those warm summer days worrying about nicks and marks on your patio furniture.

Summer is meant to be fun. Enjoy hot dogs (kids spill ketchup), hamburgers (kids drop pickles) and soda or cool aid (kids spill both). In fact, you may have some guests at your picnics that are adults and spill their beer.

You will want a table with matching chairs and a colorful umbrella to shade you when the sun is hot. You may want a seating arrangement of couch, love seat and chair with coffee table and perhaps one end table. There are lovely but inexpensive sets in wicker, plastic and aluminum.

Plastic is easy to wash with a little detergent and rinse with the hose. Remember, the aluminum chairs may be inexpensive but they heat up in the sun and if you are wearing shorts when you sit on it, ouch! The wicker is lightweight and can blow over just as the plastic and aluminum can. Wrought iron and redwood or other wood is the sturdiest. It is long lasting and impervious to wind.

Don't forget the toddler set. There are small sized picnic tables and lawn chairs made just for them. Get them in bright primary colors to please the little ones. Older children always enjoy a glider sized for two.

Create a setting on your patio that follows a theme. Country English, Victorian or modern styles are all available. You can mix and match to some extent. If you try to integrate too many different styles and colors, it will look like a mish-mash that took no thought or planning on your part.

If you can afford it, wrought iron patio furniture is as solid and attractive as any available type. Often black with a fancy, slightly lacy look, it is sturdy enough to support that 300-pound uncle who joins you on the fourth of July.

Look over all that is available. Plan how many pieces you want. Make a list of the various possibilities. Go shopping and make your selections. If at all possible, wait for the patio furniture you want to go on sale. Everyone loves a bargain. The money you save can finance your next family cook out. Now go shopping and remember what you should know when buying patio furniture.

Find out how you can do some teak refinishing to make your furniture look better. Doing the right steps in teak restoration will have your pieces looking brand new. Head online and learn more today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Such Thing As Teak Oil???

One of the biggest misperceptions about finishing new teak furniture is the use of teak oil. There is no such thing as teak oil plain and simple. Products sold as teak oil are simply cheaply made oils that will actually damage your furniture.

There are many postings and do it yourself websites that will tell you to use teak oil but Teak Master is here to tell you to never ever use teak oil. Take it from the teak refinishing experts in Southern California, we use the best products on the market when finishing new teak furniture or when performing teak restoration.

Teak Master is constantly striving to provide our clients with the best protection for their teak furniture. Over the course of 12 years, we have tried and tested many products for sealing new teak. We have found the best products available for keeping your furniture in the same showroom condition as purchased. If you have purchased new teak furniture or have existing furniture in need of teak refinishing give us a call. We are the foremost experts in California when it comes to all of you teak care needs.


It goes without saying that outdoor teak furniture has to endure far harsher conditions than indoor furniture. From cold temperatures in winter to sweltering heat in summer, teak outdoor furniture needs to be able to endure everything Mother Nature throws at it. When your teak furniture is outside unprotected, the natural oils in the wood will oxidize and turn a grayish black color and the grain will lift and could possibly develop mildew. It is our experience that people who purchase teak furniture prefer to keep their investment in the same showroom quality as purchased.

Teak Master we will care for your teak furniture from a true woodworking and finishing perspective, we use only the finest materials in the restoration and finishing of teak. You can ensure your furniture enjoys a long trouble free life. Please scroll down and enjoy a brief description of our finishing, restoration, and repair techniques.


If your teak furniture has been allowed to weather, damaged by pressure washing, or by cheap products sold as “teak oil”, it can be restored back to showroom quality. We start our process by sanding the furniture down to bare wood. All visible areas are sanded including in between slats. Sanding ensures all oxidation and dirt is removed while restoring a smooth texture back to the wood. The teak is then cleaned with a custom biodegradable cleaning and bleaching agent to remove any dust or pollution that may remain. An exclusive custom formulated teak sealer is then applied to the furniture. A clear coat protector is applied to table tops to help with food stains.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Exterior Wood Refinishing Specialist

Teak Master has filled the void in the exterior wood surface industry when it comes to the often overlooked field of professional care. If you own teak furniture, a wood deck, gazebo, or any other exterior wood surface, and have noticed changes in their appearance.

You are probably wondering what can be done to restore it and keep it in its original condition. Your questions are not uncommon to us as thousands of clients have sought out Teak Master to address their concerns. It is fortunate that we have made contact because you have questions about your exterior wood surfaces and we have the answers.

Teak Master can take care of all your teak restoration needs as well as commercial furniture restoration los angeles, deck restoration laguna beach.