Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beauty And Value Is Why Teak Furniture Is The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

Teak is certainly not a new wood. It has been used for making everything from furniture to boats over the years. Even pieces that were made years earlier can still look just like they did when they were originally made. This lasting quality is one of several reasons why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

Teak is classified as a hardwood; it is more popular today than ever, even though people have used it for centuries. Today it gives people status as to their success. The hardest would available is teak. This is a very important reason that it is loved by so many. No matter what climate it is exposed to, it can take it and end up just as good or even better than it already was. Snow, rain, ice, and fog, none of these have any negative effect on it.

Termites and other insects are no threat to this wood. Being insect resistant certainly adds to its charm. Natural oils help it to keep itself preserved for years. Although it starts out with a lovely honey color, if allowed to age naturally, it becomes a beautiful silver grey. Many people like this aged look so much that they will only buy aged pieces. The greying, in addition to being beautiful, makes the piece even more durable. Even though the aged wood is so beautiful, some people still want to retain the original color. When this is the case new and even aged wood can be treated or restored so so that it never loses its color.

Benches, sun loungers, tables, and Adirondack chairs are all popular pieces of furniture made of this wood. Even some shade umbrella holders use it because of its strength.

One of its most appealing characteristics besides it s strength is the maintenance required for its upkeep. Fortunately there is almost no maintenance at all; especially if you are one of those who like the aged look. Since it is left outside, dirt can appear, but gentle soap and water are all it takes to make it look great again. Since it is full of its own oils, oiling should not be done. Its own oils help it to keep its strength and resistance. Varnish is also not needed and in fact should not be used. Likewise, steel wool and pressure washing are not good for the wood. They can cause damage, If you simply must have that original hue, it is relatively simple to keep or get your furniture that color.

To keep the original hue, teak sealers can be purchased. If you do not want to use soap and water for cleaning, there are teak cleaners as well. However, these cleaners are not really necessary. If the furniture has already aged to its silver grey, one can get it back to the original. Sand paper with extremely fine grain can be used. Just be careful and do not over do the job or you might cause damage. After preparing with sand paper all that is needed is to clean and seal.

Teak will last for almost endless years. Its durability and resistance to weather and insects make it extremely popular. It does cost a little more than other woods, but the quality is probably worth the extra price. A piece bought today can be enjoyed by many generations yet to come.

There are many reasons teak has been and remains so popular even today. Durability, resistance, beauty all contribute to why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

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